All seasons are good for travelling in ITALY
From the flowers of the Ligurian Riviera to the Alpine snows, from the golden wheat fields of Apulia to the autumn sunsets in Rome, there is a never-ending succession of lights and colours as the sky and the sea, the isles and volcanoes, the lakes and the mountains offers an ever-changing spectacle. Naturally the busiest tourist season is from June to September, but during the other months the savvy traveller will find everything Italy has to offer.
SPRING (March - May):
Spring comes early in Italy and it’s the ideal time for holidays in locations such as Florence, the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrento peninsula, the Aeolian Island, Sicily and Rome.
SUMMER (June - August):
There are numerous beach resorts all along the Ligurian and Adriatic Rivieras, and magnificent beaches on the Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Ionian shores and in Sardinia. At this time of year vacations in the mountains are particularly attractive at Alpine resort such as Ortisei, Cervinia, Cortina d’Ampezzo and in the Apennines at Abetone (Tuscany), Roccaraso (Abruzzo), Sila (Calabria) or on Mt. Etna in Sicily.
AUTUMN (September - November):
Autumn is particularly enjoyable in Merano and Bressanone in the Dolomites, on the lakes of Lombardy, in Rome, Apulia, on Italy’s beautiful islands and for visiting Italy’s many spas.
WINTER (December – February):
Winter is, of course, the winter sports season. Sports centres can be found not only in the Alps but also in many other parts of Italy such as:
the central Apennines, on the Aspromonte in Calabria, and in Sicily. Winters are delightfully mild on the Ligurian and Neapolitan coasts and in Sicily. This is also the best time to visit the art Cities and avoid the crowds.